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Virtual Classes

Colby is now offering Online Ballet Coaching Sessions, in multiple formats, to match your needs and financial capabilities: 


Private Ballet Class - $60/hr

Receive extensive, thorough, personalized exercises from Colby tailored to your needs and skill level, addressing all areas of ballet technique.


Flash Class - $25/ 25 min

Do you have a particular area of technique you feel you need to work on? Do you need help navigating your next steps in the dance world? Do you want to improve your technique, but have limited funds? A FLASH CLASS is a short coaching session, where Colby will share a few exercises to help improve a specific aspect of ballet technique, or share some advice on which steps to take to make it as a professional dancer. The idea is to share a few exercises that you can take away and practice individually, in addition to your normal group classes, in a short amount of time, all for an affordable price.

Interested in training with Colby? Contact him here.


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